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The Braces Come Off, Part 2

It is so wonderful to see Noodle’s full smile, now that her braces are off – and especially since the follow-up to the braces, the dreaded retainer, is now rarely the Shelly-Marsh-style headgear I had the pleasure of wearing throughout my middle school years as one of many indications to fellow students that I was somebody who could be bullied about with ease because never in recorded history has a 12-year-old nerd with social anxiety, glasses and orthodontic headgear ever fought back, no matter how grievously tormented.

Yes, this was already the subject of my newest “why, in MY day, missy” speech to which she dutifully rolled her eyes.


The Braces Come Off

Noodle should be pleased today – she’s getting a taste of freedom and a better glimpse at the future adult Noodle, after a couple years of having her teeth shifted about by means of nasty, goop-magnet metal bands. No amount of “you know, it could have been worse” or “you should have seen what they did back in the day – they used to use animal intestines” was useful in stemming her annoyance; only time sufficed for that.

She wants corn on the cob and gummis for lunch after the first of today’s two orthodontist visit. We’ll see how that goes – watch the space below for updates.