Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Threat That Never Gets Old

Halloween is Monday, so it’s like this, kids:

You can do your homework and your chores and not give Mom an attitude about the slightest bit of it, or you can go to school on Tuesday knowing that all your classmates who stopped by to trick-or-treat got toothbrushes and pencils.


How To Talk To Your Kids About That… Thing…On TV Sunday Night

I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to be an ex-journalist as I am this election year. But these two put it better than Annoying Little Brother, Annoying Big Sister and I ever could.

“So, Dad, did you know Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are having a debate tonight?”


“Are we watching it?”


“Why not?”

“For the same reasons we don’t watch German porn, or videos about how to treat gangrene.”

And read the whole thing.