Let’s start in the middle

Mainly because the beginning is too far in the past and the end is (far as I can tell) nowhere in sight.

So: these are the tales of me, a recently-laid-off father of a tweenage daughter and slightly-younger son, but thankfully also the husband to a wonderful woman of far greater substance than I, who has not the time for blogging and twaddle.

Not that this’ll be twaddle – but when it is, it’ll be top-shelf artisanal twaddle.

If you are expecting ineffable wisdom of the sort posted by your Facebook friends, usually involving background graphics featuring the silhouette of an impossibly-fit hottie doing dramatic cliffside yoga poses at sunset…you are going to be horribly disappointed.

If you were expecting The Parenting Gospel According To Hipper People Than You…again, no.

Now that you know what this site with the unwieldy Star-Wars-pun name WON’T be, how’s about an idea about what it WILL be, sport?

Far as I can tell for now it’ll be one part What Works, one part What Doesn’t Work, another part What Really Doesn’t Work, and at least one part unknown frontiers.

We good with that?


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